"Julius Caesar"

Christine Avila provided a tremendous amount of life to Calpurnia, one in which she brings a great historical background to the character.  It is a wonderful characterization with a dramatic devotion to Caesar.

--Joe Straw, Reviewer

"Jesus Christ Superstar"

Dressed in a slinky, wine-red dress, Christine Avila, as the reformed prostitute, Mary Magdalene, almost brought down the tent with I Don't Know How To Love Him. Miss Avila has a strong, controlled style that is beautiful to hear and feel.

--Andrea Naversen, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Wanted, Experienced Operators"

Christine Avila, who plays Chole, a beautiful, sympatica, young mother [...] sings with such a startlingly brilliant and lovely soprano voice, it litarally stops the show. In fact, in a fine cast, she is a standout, whether singing or acting.

--Robert A. Masullo, Sacramento Bee


Christine Avila was a force of nature tonight at the Kirk Douglas Theatre. From the moment she stepped onstage, her compelling performance as Leonora Ledesma, wife to the brutal General Ledesma, galvanized the standing room only theatre. [...] It is a riveting piece of work by a skilled performer. Young actors would do well to see... Kudos to all the cast, but keep an eye out for Christine Avila. A prodigious actress.

  --Rachel Bond, reviewer

"The Sun Always Shines for the Cool"

Sanchez...and Christine Avila, as Rosa ignite the scene with virulent passion of what life's dealt them.

--Lee Melville, Dramalogue


Christine Avila has a natural charm and intelligence which she she shades artlessly into the peasant girl, Amata.

Jay Reiner, Los Angeles, Herald-Examiner

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